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Connecting custom domain to your website
Connecting custom domain to your website

Every page needs to have an address. In this document, we'll explain how to add a custom domain to your site.

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Adding a New Custom Domain configuration

You can use interactive training, which will guide you step by step on how to add a new domain. From your website's Dashboard navigate to "Checklist" and pick "Add Custom domain" training.

1. Buy new:

If you don't own a domain yet, don't worry you can purchase it at NameCheap, GoDaddy and other domain registrars. Once you have a domain, go to next step.

2. Update your provider's configuration

Once the domain has been purchased or you already have one, add a A record and CNAME similar to table below on your domain registrar user panels.








This how it looks on getspace

3. Add a custom domain url to your website

Go to your website's settings and Domain tab. In here add your domain name eg. without http or www prefix. When ready click Save and then Verify, this will notify Pineapple team to look into your configuration and check if it's all connected. Depending on your Domain Provider, it can take from couple of hours to 2 days.

Whole procedure can take from a couple of minutes to 48 hours, depending on your domain provider.

4. Make sure that all your pages published

Quick Video explanation:

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