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What are website basic components (Blocks)?
What are website basic components (Blocks)?

Learn everything you need to know about website basic components (Blocks).

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Website Basic Components (Blocks)

Basic components in Pineapple Builder are the building blocks of your website. Each block serves a particular purpose and can be customized to match your design requirements.
You can see all available components by clicking on "+" and search under Components menu in the editor. To add a component to your web page, simply click on the desired component in the menu.

Here is a list of some of the available blocks and their descriptions:

Row Component

  • Purpose: The Row Component makes it easy to organize other components into rows on your page. This is useful for creating structured layouts with a clear direction flow.

Image Component

  • Purpose: The Image Component allows you to add images to your website from a free image library like Unsplash or by uploading your own images, this enhancing the visual appeal of your site.

Spacer Component

  • Purpose: The Spacer Component is used to create space between elements on your page. You can change the color of the spacers to match your design.

Video Component

  • Purpose: The Video Component lets you add videos to your site. You can upload your own video or embed videos from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

Card Component

  • Purpose: With the Card Component you can add cards of different sizes and colors to your page. It allows for versatility in presenting content and can contain images, text, and more.

Divider Component

  • Purpose: The Divider Component is utilized to add visual breaks in your content with dividers. The color of the dividers can be changed to suit your style preferences.

Icon Component

  • Purpose: The Icon Component allows you to enhance your site's interface by uploading and customizing icons in terms of size, color, and background color.

Text Component

  • Purpose: The Text Component is essential for adding and customizing various text styles on your pages. You can modify the text font, add style, and embed links to tailor content to your needs.

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