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How to buy subscribtion?
How to buy subscribtion?
Learn how to buy a subscription for your website. Add discount code or VAT number.
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To buy a subscription, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to your "Dashboard" and Choose one of your Websites.

Note: The subscription will apply to the one chosen website. You need to buy a new subscription to each website.

2. Click on Website Settings and Billing

3. Pick one of the plans Billing on the left and click on Buy

Note: You can pick between a monthly subscription and a yearly one. An annual subscription will have a "12" suffix e.g., "Basic 12."

4. After selecting your plan, click "Buy." To see checkout

Note: You can add your discount code if you have one.

5. Then you can Pay by Card or PayPal or Add your VAT Number

6. Buy with "Subscribe now."

Note: our payment provider might need to confirm your payment with your bank. Please make sure your browser allows for any pop-up dialogs to bank confirmations. It might look like the following:

7. After successful payment, you should see details of your subscription.

Note: Please wait till the transaction is finished, and don't refresh the page. If there are no updates on your website after confirmation or error, please wait 3 minutes and refresh your page, as some bank providers require more time.

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