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How to buy subscribtion?
How to buy subscribtion?

Learn how to buy a subscription for your website. Add discount code or VAT number.

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To buy a subscription, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to your Dashboard, choose your Websites and click Billing.

    Note: The subscription will apply to the one chosen website. If you have several websites you need to buy a new subscription to each website.

2. Pick one of the Plans under Billing on the left

click on Select

Note: You can pick between a monthly subscription and a yearly one. An annual subscription will have a "12" suffix e.g., "Basic 12."

3. Complete your details and click Continue

Note: You can add your discount code if you have one.

4. Complete your Payment details and click Subscribe now

5. After successful payment, you should see details of your subscription.

Note: Please wait till the transaction is finished, and don't refresh the page. If there are no updates on your website after confirmation or error, please wait 3 minutes and refresh your page, as some bank providers require more time.

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