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What is Page Slug URL?
What is Page Slug URL?

Learn what is Page Slug URL and why is it important. Learn some Page Slug URL tips.

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What is A Page Slug URL?

A Page Slug URL is the unique identifying part of a web address, typically at the end of the URL. It refers to that specific page. For example, “academy” is the slug in

Why Is a Page Slug URL Important?

  • A good slug can improve a user’s experience if it clearly states what the webpage is about.

  • A good URL slug also helps the Google crawl bots understand how to get to your page and confirms the content on it.

Page Slug URL tips:

  • be clear with your slugs so users and Google know exactly what is on your page.

  • Include keywords whenever possible.

  • Be clear with the slug to avoid content duplication.

  • Do not place any year in your URL to avoid annual renaming.

  • Chain of characters, letters, or numbers on Page Slug URL could be considered as spam.

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