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How web page is built? Basic structure of web page?
How web page is built? Basic structure of web page?

Learn how web page is built and basic structure of web page: header, sections, footer.

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The basic structure of a web page is comprised of three main parts:

  • Header

  • Sections

  • Footer

โ€‹Header: This is the topmost section of the web page, typically containing the logo or title of the website, navigation links to other pages, and sometimes contact information or a search bar.

Sections: The main content of the web page is broken down into sections. Each section is a block that groups related content together, helping to organize the information in a clear and manageable way for the visitor.

Footer: The footer is located at the bottom of the web page. It usually contains information such as copyright notices, links to privacy policies, a sitemap, contact information, and social media icons. The footer may also include additional navigation links or other elements that are not featured in the main navigation menu.

Note: Header and Footer remain the same for all webpage a visitor navigates to.

These components work together to create a well-structured and navigable web page that enhances the user experience by providing easy access to information and functionality.

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