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What should be under Footer?
What should be under Footer?

Learn what should be under Footer

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When constructing the footer of a website, it is recommended to include several important elements that provide visitors with useful information and additional navigation options. Footer, as one of the basic part of website, could contains:

  • Copyright Notice: This is a statement of ownership over the website content and a declaration of copyright.

  • Link to a Privacy Policy: Provides users with information on how their data is being used and protected.

  • Sitemap: A list of pages or structure of the website, allowing visitors to find specific sections quickly.

  • Logo: The inclusion of a company or brand logo helps to reinforce brand identity.

  • Contact Information: Addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses provide visitors with a means to contact the website owner or company.

  • Social Media Icons: Links to social media profiles can help increase followers and online presence.

  • Email Sign-Up Form: Enables visitors to subscribe to newsletters, updates, or promotional emails.

These elements contribute to a comprehensive footer that enhances user experience and accessibility while maintaining compliance with legal requirements and facilitating brand engagement

Here is an example of website Footer:


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