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How to add, edit and delete Markdown?
How to add, edit and delete Markdown?

Learn how to add, edit and delete Markdown?

Updated over a week ago

Markdown - is a component, which allows you to easily edit the text and organize it the best way.

To add Markdown follow the next steps:

  1. Click on Add and choose Markdown under Basic Components:

2. Under Properties you can:

  • add animation

  • change Background color

3. Under context menu you can:

  • add image

  • add video

  • choose size of the text

  • сhoose alignment

  • undo changes

  • clone

  • copy

  • delete

4. You can also edit only chosen part of the text, not the whole text.

Here you can:

  • change the style of the text

  • change alignment

  • change color of the text

  • add links

To delete Markdown use one of Delete option:

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