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How to add advnaced (script + span) embeds?
How to add advnaced (script + span) embeds?

Learn how to add avanced (script + span) embeds with custom code

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Advanced embeds - are those, which require adding script code to the Head code and span or div html element - with Embed element from the Editor.

Note: You will need at least a "Basic" plan or higher to add a custom code configuration.

Follow these steps to add advanced custom code to your website:

  1. Add your <script> code to Head code.

2.Then you can add it as a simple Embed element with just <span> code:

2.1. Under your Pages, click on Embed (code)

2.2. Click Edit

2.3. Add your <span> code

Tip: make sure the height for the component is set up correctly, as otherwise bottom parts of your embedded codes might not be visible or clickable.

3. Please note that Editor don't load Scripts, so you will be able to see it on "Preview" and "Live". And it should look like this:


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